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The symbol of Polytechnic is in the form of an equilateral pentagon, inside which there is a circle in the shape of a jagged wheel containing the symbol of a palm tree with 5 (five) leaves and a tree trunk in the shape of a pen and underneath there are symbols of cattle, poultry, plants, and books placed on the ground right under a palm tree.


Meaning of the Logo and Symbols

  • The frame is in the form of an equilateral pentagon, symbolizing Pancasila as the principle of Polytechnic in carrying out its duties and functions
  • The palm tree trunk symbol in the form of a pen and a book symbolizes the Polytechnic's commitment to assisting the government in the field of higher education to produce qualified human resources who are concerned with the problems of dry land agriculture in the Semi-arid agro-climatic zone, where this institution is established and growing.
  • The symbol of a palm tree with five leaves, symbolizing the dry land agricultural management department.
  • The cattle and poultry symbols represent the Department of Animal Husbandry.
  • Plant symbols around cattle, poultry and under palm trees symbolize the Department of Food and Horticultural Crops.
  • The circle symbol in the form of a jagged wheel symbolizes that the Polytechnic is the provider of professional education programs in the application of technology.
  • The light blue base colour symbolizes higher education.



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