Food Technology

The Study Program of Food Technology is part of the Deparment of Food and Horticultural Crops  of the State Agricultural Polytechnic Kupang. Food and Technology Study Program obtained its permission from Director General of Higher Education No: 3156/D/T/2005. The formal education started in Academic Year 2006/2007 and has been accredited by National Accreditation Body for Higher Education (BAN-PT) based on Decree No: 012/ BAN-PT / AK-XI / Dpl-III / VIII / 2011, with C accreditation. 

Food Technology Study Program was opened in order to fullfill the scarcity of associate expert in the field of agricultural products  processing. Food Technology Study Program creates graduates that have capability of synergizing among natural and human resources, technology and capital so that food products can be produced (terrestrial and marine products, plant based and animals) to fullfill quantitatively and qualitatively the needs of society  which bring economic and ecological profits. The feature of this Study Progam  is its accuracy in the use of  technology for processed products either from terrestrial and marine or plants based and animals. 


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