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Oleh: Abinadab Manobe, SST

Abinadap alumni

The light of a lamp illuminates the darkness, the rays of the sun break through the walls of life. After graduating from SMK Negeri 1 Soe, in 2005, I felt alive in the middle of the wilderness. Do not know where to tread the direction of the feet, because I have not been able to enter the world of work. In that situation, I personally decided to continue my education in college. Because it's a personal decision so that in mind there are always 2 things that haunted me, which were:

1. Time to complete college takes 5 years. That's too long for me.

2. The ability of parents to pay for college. (Understandably parents of farmers whose orientation is not business)

Even though these 2 things always burden the memory of the brain, I still choose to go to college. Because when I was still in Vocational High School, I had done industrial work practices (PRAKERIN) in the livestock department, State Agricultural Polytechnic of Kupang. There was a motivation within, because since then, already a little has been known about the situation of lectures on campus.

In July 2005, I registered as a new student candidate at the Kupang State Agricultural Polytechnic (POLITANI) campus. Politani Kupang Campus was the first choice, because there was a D-III program that can be taken in just 3 years. In addition, being a state campus, the tuition fee is certainly cheaper than a private campus.

When registering at Politani Kupang, the main choice was the animal health study program which was under the department of Animal Husbandry. However, I failed the medical test, so I was transferred to the study program of Agribusiness Management. My heart felt annoyed because of failing to pass my personal favourite study program. That feeling of annoyance began to slowly fade when I heard the advice of the then Head of the Politani Academic (Mr. Ferdinad Siung) to undergo college in the agribusiness management study program. I still remember his words when giving advice; "Just live because the fate of everyone in the future no one knows".
Lectures on the agribusiness management study program began to be carried out. It felt very heavy for the initial adjustment according to the lecture program. Every day (Monday-Friday) we started at 7.30 WITA, and returned home at 16.00 WITA, bringing assignments in the form of reports, summaries and others to be completed and will be collected the day after. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, each semester was passed until the graduation of the D-III program in 2008.

After graduation, I took the time to take the 2009 Civil Cervant Recruitmen (CPNS) test in South Central Timor (TTS) district. But failure is still on my side (hhhhhh..too honest )

Failure to pass the CPNS test, seemed to burn the spirit to start another job, according to the knowledge gained since lectures. Looking at the natural resources in TTS district, there are several commodities that are abundant for each season. These commodities are candlenut and tamarind as the westerners call it.

I established communication with UD.Timor Makmur in Niki-niki for cooperation as a collector of candlenut and tamarind commodities. This business was so promising that I pursued it during 2009, 2010, until almost the end of 2011.

Towards the end of 2011, there was a program from the ministry of education whose goal was to fulfill agricultural vocational school teachers in remote parts of Indonesia. This program is PPGT (Integrated Teacher Professional Education) Collaborative Vocational School. This program was specifically designed for Politani alumni of D-III and only implemented in 4 agricultural polytechnics in Indonesia. One of them is the State Agricultural Polytechnic of Kupang.

I tried to register myself at Politani Kupang, and was declared to have passed the selection. Participants who passed the selection in this program, begin to carry out diploma equivalence courses from D-III to D-IV at Politani Kupang for 1 year (2011-2012). Meanwhile, the Integrated Teacher Professional Education washeld at Yogyakarta State University (UNY) because the two campuses already have a cooperative partnership.

In October 2012, I was declared to have passed the D-IV program and obtained an Applied Science degree (SST degree). It was marked by a graduation at the Student Center building of Politani Kupang.

In accordance with the program objectives of the Ministry of Education. If you already have a D-IV diploma, you need to deepen your knowledge of education through PPGT (Integrated Teacher Professional Education) at UNY from November 2012 to December 2013.

The implementation of teaching professional education was carried out in theory and practice. During the learning of theory and practice, I pursued the field of poultry farming agribusiness. Theoretical learning took place for 6 months at UNY. Practice for 3 months in the marketing department of SMK Negeri 1 Ngablak, Magelang, Central Java, and 3 months in the Livestock Department at SMK Negeri 1 Mempawah Timur, West Kalimantan. In December 2013 PPGT was completed and I passed.

Armed with educational knowledge while participating in the program, a love for the teaching profession (Teacher) began to grow. This love began to manifest when the Ministry of Education opened the recruitment of talent scouting teachers for agricultural vocational school teachers. I was one of those who passed the selection to become a talent scouting teacher at the Livestock Department of SMK Negeri 1, South Amarasi, Kupang district, 2014-2015.

At the end of 2015, until the middle of 2017 as a graduate participant, I taught at the SMK Negeri Kualin, Timor Tengah Selatan district.

During my service at SMKN 1 South Amarasi and SMKN Kualin. I constantly promoted the excellence of my Almamater, Politani Kupang. Subsequently, in 2015, 2016 and 2017 there were always industrial work practices (PRAKERIN) students from both schools which studied Politani Kupang. After the internship, the graduates from both schools studied at Politani until now. Others have graduated and are now alumni of Politani Kupang.

The month of August 2017 depicted the steps of fate's journey, full of questions. I have passed the CPNS Frontline Teacher (GGD) to teach physical education, sports and health at SDN 5 Pemongkong, East Lombok, NTB.

Until now, only gratitude I could express to all the knots forming the path of this long journey. I was called by the Kupang State Agricultural Polytechnic for equality.

“From the island of a thousand mosques” EAST LOMBOK, NTB"

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